Author's Notes



See you later, Guy.  That seemed like a rather mystery filled discussion.  I wonder how I would ask my new roommate about ghost issues?  That's just not something I that I've planned for.

I can't believe I'm on page 10 (not including covers).  This story has a near decade long background and its just awesome to finally share it. I'm also proud that I've managed to hang in there for ten pages so far.  Oh, and I'm finally able to get started on a buffer.  October is a busy month for me.  Hopefully I'll be doing my first art table at a local event, QTPOCfest. It's the first time I've done a table at a non-pagan event.  I hope things go well.  Whatever I have left over from there I will be carrying to a local comic shop called Constant Con.  It's a place that works like a convention dealer's room all year long.  The owner rocks and I hope there are still tables available when I get there.

I hope you're enjoying the story and I'll see you next week!


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