Author's Notes



I'm not sure what Sam's plan was, but if it involved causing Angel to feel extremely anxious, she succeeded.  

Anxiety.  Tension and anxiety is what I was hoping to convey in this page.  The trapped feeling you get when someone is pushing and you don't feel comfortable removing yourself from their force. For people who've never felt it, I guess it'd be hard to understand.  What it's like when your thoughts are rushing and your heart is racing, but you have to appear calm.  There is no room to panic or give in.  Running away couldn't save you either.  The thoughts stay, the feelings stay.  Deep breaths.

In other news it is now Halloween, er uh, October.   I'm participating in Inktober and Drawlloween challenges this month, and I hope to gain lots of skills that will make this comic more enjoyable for you. Don't forget to vote using the link at the top of the sidebar.  There may be fun stuff in the voting portal this month.

See you next week!



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