Author's Notes


Stay True

Well stated, Ada.  Not sure what it means, but maybe Angel does.  We'll find out.

It's finally winter in the desert!  A brisk 22 degrees by day, lol.  Really though I hope you all had a great Solstice!  Oh and Angel's birthday was the day after that!  I didn't get to do anything special, well that's not totally true.  I bought an artist alley table at a convention next year!  More details soon.

Anyway, have you wandered around the site recently?  My partner Gaius has been updating the site for me and I've got new art on the character page and a new splash page coming soon (maybe already).  There will still be changes coming as we head into the new year.  I'm retouching old pages to reupload and working on a shop too!  

Winter Blessing,


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