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Only things were lost,and maybe some confidence, and trust.  Sam won't be anything like that other roommate.  It's okay Angel, don't cry.

I'm not crying neither.  I spent a lot of time last month submitting to my first few anthologies and since have received two rejections out of three submissions.  I didn't expect much different since I have little to put on a portfolio for now, but I'm going to keep submitting and use the stories I come up with to make some fun new short comics. I also want to stock my new web store this month and maybe get my YouTube going.  I'll be doing a monthly "newsletter" on there to talk about what's coming in the story, in the shop, and on The Indigo Path website in general.  

Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote for me on Top Web Comics!  You can vote everyday and it's a great way to support me and show you like what you see.

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