Author's Notes



Sometimes you mean well in an attempt to communicate, but it's not always so easy.  For some people silence is easier, and faking is a defensive mechanism.  Looks like that may be true for Angel.  Wonder why?  Soon enough.

Time really seems to be moving fast.  I saw a post I made last year with the first image I drew for this comic.  Before I reach a year of sharing, though, I have a few more goals.  One is to get the YouTube going where I can share process videos and maybe some tutorials.  The other is to go to a couple cons.  I'll be selling handmade items and art, but also promoting this comic. 

I've taken a few other steps to promote the comic recently.  Including being more active in the Top Web Comics community and doing thing like their Valentine's Day contest.  You can vote for me here and share with your friends.  There are some really good entries.  There's more, but I think I'll hold out!

More next week,


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