Author's Notes


Sam is NOT a hoarder

At least Sam doen't have to worry about her artistic taste clashing with Angel's.  Between you and me, Marcelle decorates the place, Angel doesn't care much for things like that.

I just barely made it through this page.  My hand is still giving me a bit of trouble.  So much so that I won't be submitting to any anthologies this month.  I'll focus on trying to add to a buffer next week and get ready for my first con this year.  If you're in Tucson or nearby you can find me at ConNichiwa in the Artist Alley at The Indigo Path table.  My partner and I will have cool art prints from Indigo: SIsters as well as plenty neat fashion items.  Anyway I'll see you next week where we'll get to see this hoard collection Sam is talking about.


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