Author's Notes


Sam's Room

Well Sam sure got moved in fast.  I'm sure she and Tim broke a sweat getting all that done.  How long was Angel with Ada anyway?

I'm the type of person, if I put a box in the closet, I'll never unpack it.  I've lived places for years with packed boxes.  I had to be extra careful, when my partner and I moved into our house, to be sure and have plans to unpack everything.  Good thing too since I'll need a lot of it this month at Con-Nichiwa!  Just a few weeks until I take the Indigo Path and all its pieces to a convention right here in Tucson, Az.  If I have time I want to make some cute stickers for the Indigo:Sisters cast.  

If you're enjoying the story so far, leave a comment and let me know.  I love hearing from readers :D

See you next week,


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