Author's Notes


What if

Just spacing out with Angel and the gang.  Poor Guy just had a hell of a mood swing :(  I guess that would be typical of a chain ghost.

My hands hurt again, so I still haven't been able to finish up the details on the last few pages.  They're coming though. I do have some good news. If you remember, I applied for 3 anthologies back in January.  I received 2 rejection letters, and assumed the 3rd was a rejection as well because I never heard back.  Well, I heard back!!  My story was chosen to be a part of Stacked Deck Press's trans*-themed anthology "We're Still Here"!!!!!  But don't worry.  It won't take too much of my time away from this comic.

In fact, I have a lot of new surprises coming in the third chapter.  Meanwhile, come back next week to find out what Angel is holding.


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