Author's Notes



Wake up, Sam. Looks like there might be trouble tonight!

Especially with Angel using an incantation like that. Carefully spoken intent is a very important aspect of the type of witchcraft Angel practices. We'll learn more about it as the story goes on. For now though, it looks like Sam and Guy should worry.

You shouldn't though.  Even though this part of the story is ending, the coming chapter has a lot to look forward too.  We get to learn a little bit about where Sam and Angel are living, the town and school, and meet some new people. Along with that I've been practicing really hard to improve the flow and execution of the story.  Some small changes I've implemented in these last few pages.  Hopefully from the next chapter on, the style will be refined and consistant.  I'll be on between-chapter break until Summer solstice which is June 20th.  So about 6 weeks.

Don't fret though. I'll be updating sporadically in that time with cool art, wallpapers, and bonus material.  This break gives me time to build up my buffer, go back and fix some issues in the comic, and produce more art! I'll also be helping my brother move in that time. If you are looking to give to a cause his campaign in HERE.  If you are able please share it or donate.  Every bit counts.  

Remember I am always active on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook too.  You can follow me there and soon on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram as well. I'd love to hear what you think of my comic.  I hope you've enjoyed it.  Part 3 will be here before you know it.



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