Author's Notes


Save Me

Sam is rushing to Guy's aid, but will Angel hear her? 

Welcome back y'all.  We start this part of the story with a little more magic. I worked to visualize not only spirit energy, which you've seen before in this comic, but magical energy at work. It was fun trying to give Angel's working circle motion and depth while not losing her in it.  If you like this page and you're happy that I'm back you should stop over at Top Web Comics and leave a vote for Indigo: Sisters. It's a new month after all and if I get 1000 votes I'll draft up a new wallpaper as a thank you.  It's also a great time to sign up as a patron. For your monthly pledge of any amount you get cool extras and sneak peeks that are only available on Patreon.  

Come back next week to find out what Angel has to say about all this!


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