Author's Notes


Be There

Time for a trip to the astral plane. I hope Ada and Guy both have their houses clean!

And another chapter complete! This one presented a lot of challenges as I continued to mess with the styling and execution. That coupled with some family issues over the year made for a rough chapter. I'm so happy to be back and have it done, though. And, of course, I'm excited for the next chapter. We've got another character coming in as well as some big plot points. 

I'll be on hiatus until just after Lammas (August 2nd to be exact), but until then keep checking back. I'll be posting character sheets with cool future designs and lots of stats on each character. I'll also be on social media, maybe Patreon again if they reinstate my account, with videos and art. Thanks again for reading and drop a line let me know what you think. See y'all soon.

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