Ill have news on the comic in August. I decided to do a redraw and reformat. Cant wait to finish sharing the story with you.


About Indigo: Sisters

Indigo:Sisters is the story of Angel, who has been bothered by her recent visions. Things only get worse when her haunted roommate Sam moves in. They have to learn to master their fears and awaken their powers if they want to save Sam’s ghost. But along the way they learn it might not be enough to save their world.
Join the cast of Indigo: Sisters to see how it all goes down. Maybe, you too, will find that you are not alone.

About the Artist/Author

My name is DiAngele Augustus (but I go by DiAn) and I'm a queertastic artist and storyteller living in the desert southwest. I've been an artist for about 15 years, but all of my projects to date have been in traditional media. My new comic, Indigo:Sisters, is my first ongoing digital art project. Occult and Paranormal thrillers have always been my favorite and I'm happy to finally be able to share one of my own creation.